Sometimes pregnancy, aging or rapid loss of weight can cause the skin around the breasts and the breast tissue to sag. To correct this, some women choose to undergo a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy. The breast lift procedure improves the curves, contours and firmness of the breasts. It lifts the breasts to give them a more perky appearance.


The biggest question of all in regards to a breast lift procedure is whether or not a breast augmentation alone will be adequate to lift the breast or whether a true surgical lift is required. The key factors that influence this decision are:

1. The skin envelope – the amount of excess skin along with its quality and stretch.
2. The volume of the breast gland – whether there is enough tissue to reshape the breast mound.
3. The position of the nipple in relationship to the breast gland and breast fold.
Of all of these factors the nipple position is the most important. If it is positioned below the fold of the breast or facing downwards then it is likely a lift is required to achieve the best aesthetic results.


The other key question that I ask my patients relates to their desire to achieve upper pole fullness. This question relates to the shape and volume of the area above the nipple. To truly achieve upper pole fullness a breast implant is usually required and may be performed in combination with a breast lift. A breast lift alone can restore shape, contour and nipple position but usually will not deliver increased upper pole fullness over the long term.


Dr. Guy Watts is a highly experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon that specialises in breast lifts, mastopexy, augmentation mastopexy and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Breast Lift Procedure


The breast lift procedure is performed by Dr. Watts in hospital under general anaesthetic. All procedures are performed in an accredited hospital with a Specialist Anaesthetist. Depending on your requirements, Dr. Watts will use either a Benelli, Vertical or Wise pattern method. The key factors in making a decision about the technique relate to the amount of excess skin and nipple position. For more minor nipple position changes a Benellli lift may be suitable but in general a Wise pattern or anchor type incision delivers the most control and longevity for breast shape and contour. The critical understanding for patients is that they are achieving a more ideal breast shape and contour at the cost of scars. Overtime scars usually heal to flat, pale, thin white lines and are small price to pay for a more ideal breast shape, contour and nipple position.


After Surgery


Depending on the technique required for the breast lift procedure you may be required to stay overnight in the hospital for further monitoring. Dr. Watts will schedule regular post-surgery check-ups with you to ensure a quick recovery and excellent results. You will be required to wear a supportive garment during the first six weeks after the operation that supports the breasts and promotes recovery.


If you’ve been considering undergoing a breast lift procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Watts today or send us any questions that you may have regarding the procedure.

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