There are many reasons why a person may decide to undergo breast augmentation. The most common reason is to improve the size or shape of the breasts in order to enhance their physical appearance. Often conditions like weight loss, aging, and pregnancy can make breasts lose their shape and form. There are also women who have breasts that have always been uneven and they may wish to undergo breast augmentation to correct this. Whatever your reason for considering breast implants, Dr. Guy Watts has the skill and experience necessary to enhance the appearance of your breasts.


Many different factors are considered when deciding on the type of breast implants that will best suit your body. Consideration of the breast size is important but perhaps more critical is the overall balance between the chest, breast and torso. Choosing an implant that complements your body shape is important to achieving the most ideal aesthetic outcomes.


Dr. Watts will explain the most appropriate and safest method that will work with your physique. At your initial consultation Dr Watts will explain the following aspects of breast augmentation surgery and give you his own opinion on how each of these variables can influence your results:

1. Silicone Breast Implants vs Saline
2. Round or Anatomical shaped implants
3. Textured and Smooth Implants
4. Dual plane breast augmentation OR Subglandular plane
5. Inframammary or Periareolar Incisions
6. Use of the Keller Funnel
7. Other key decisions to make when deciding on breast augmentation surgery


The newly published 14-point plan has been established to minimise the risk of infection, capsular contracture and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). Dr Watts adheres to the latest research and best practice policies with all of his surgical procedures and now uses the Keller funnel with all breast augmentation operations.

A breast implant consultation begins with discussing your current breast concerns along with previous medical and surgical history. It is important to complete your detailed medical history prior to attending your consultation to make sure you are a safe and suitable candidate.


Dr Watts will then try to understand your goals and gain an understanding of your knowledge about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. Dr Watts will then provide an overview of the most important decisions to make about your procedure along with clear information about the reason behind the choices that he makes.


After a clinical examination focusing on your current breast shape and dimensions along with your body proportions specific breast implant sizes will be trialled. Dr Watts utilises the Mentor Sizing system to give you the most accurate representation of your breast augmentation results. After the ideal breast implant size if chosen, you will be provided with detailed information regarding all aspects of the procedure along with recovery times and the potential risks of surgery.


If you are interested in proceeding with Surgery then a further consultation will be booked prior to the procedure to review all aspects of the consultation, complete a detailed procedural consent, provide you with a post operative recovery regime and answer any remaining questions.


Dr Watts uses a minimal scar technique with the average incision size for a smooth round implant being 4cm and for a textured anatomical implant 5cm. The incision is placed most commonly in the breast fold or inframammary crease (IMF) but on certain occasions such as tuberous breast disease he may utilise a periareolar incision. Dr Watts does not utilise armpit or belly button incisions as research has indicated a less predictable pocket formation and higher incidence of complications.


Silicone breast implants are made from a sterile preparation of silicone gel, which are designed to mimic the breast tissue, contours and the overall natural feel of the breast. Dr Watts uses the highest quality of implants including both the Mentor and Natrelle range. Both implant companies have a long history of quality manufacture and provide patients with an excellent product warranty.


Both saline and silicon implants are available but Dr Watts almost exclusively uses silicon implants. One of the main benefits of silicone implants is that they give a feel that is more natural and they are less likely to cause rippling and wrinkling.


Silicon breast implants come is a broad range of sizes with the most common implant choices between 275cc to 375cc. In patients who have a broad chest or would like a more enhanced result larger implants can be utilised. It is important to understand that larger volumes place more stress and tension on the tissues and carry a higher rate of issues over the long term.


The firmness of the implants does vary and in simple terms is referred to as cohesiveness. Cohesiveness actually refers to the number of cross-links between the silicon molecules – the more links the firmer and gooier the implant. The range of cohesiveness of Mentor Implants varies between I-III.


Smooth round implants have the softest and most natural feel and are a cohesive I, whereas anatomical implants are made firmer in order to keep their shape and are a cohesive III. Sometimes patients prefer a firmer implants like the anatomical and others the soft squishy feel of a smooth round implant.


Round implants are available in both a smooth and textured surfaces whereas anatomical implants are only available in a textured form. The main reason for this is that the texturing helps the implants adhere to the surrounding tissues and in the case of the anatomical implants helps reduce the chance of the implant flipping or rotating.


The incidence of rotation in Mentor implants is less that 5% but if it does occur the implants may need to be repositioned or possibly replaced. If a round implants turns it maintains the same shape and therefore is not subject to this problem.


The textured surface was originally designed to help reduce the incidence of capsular contracture over the lifetime of the implant. Although for many years the surface texturing was believed to play a major role in the development of implant capsules it is now believed to be less important.


More recent research indicates that if the implant is placed below the muscle then smooth and textured surface implants have similar rates of capsular contracture. Factors that have a greater influence on the development of capsular contracture include infection and bleeding around the implants at the time of the initial surgery.


Textured Surface
● Available in round and anatomical shapes
● Reduced risk of implant malposition and capsular contraction
● Firmer gel for improved shape and longevity
● Increased risk of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL)


Smooth Surface Implants
● Smooth implants feel softer
● Require a smaller incision that textured implants
● Only available in a round shape
● No current risk for ALCL
● Have similar rates of capsular contracture to textured implants if placed in a submuscular or dual plane position


Dr Watts will make specific measurements of your chest wall, breast dimensions, tissue quality, fold positions, nipple position and volume assymetries in order to gain insight into your specific breast implant requirements.


Choosing the right implant is critical and every woman is unique in their measurements and implant requirements. It is also critical in this examination to assess the overall body and torso proportions so that the implant will achieve not only a more ideal breast shape but enhance the overall body proportions and symmetry.


You will have the opportunity to trial different sizers within the garment to simulate what your augmented breast will look like using the latest Mentor Volume Sizing System. Each sizer is uniquely designed to conform over your natural breast to enhance both shape and volume and give the most accurate representation of your surgical results.


The price of anatomical breast implants is higher than round implants and is not a reflection of the quality of the implant itself. It rather reflects a more involved manufacturing process that inturn results in a slightly more expensive implant.


Dr Watts will critically analyse your breast and torso proportions to aid in your decision making about the ideal implant choice. With so many options is can feel overwhelming but Dr Watts’ experience will help guide you through this process with ease and confidence. He will take into account your current breast size and shape along with your torso and overall proportions to help you make the right decision.


Dr. Watts will perform the breast augmentation surgery in an accredited hospital under general anaesthetic with a Specialist Anaesthetist. Your safety is the most important of aspect of any procedure and Dr Watts and his team place this as their highest priority.


The surgery is usually performed as a day case but if you would like to stay overnight then this can be arranged at the time of your consultation.


You will receive a detailed postoperative recovery schedule from Dr Watts prior to your surgery. After the procedure, you will be required to wear a supportive bra for the first 6 weeks. You will receive guidance about what activities are safe at every stage of recovery but full physical activity is usually delayed until 6-8 weeks after surgery.


It is recommended to have 1-2 weeks off work after your surgery. Dr Watts will help tailor your recovery time depending on the type of work that you do.


Generally patients describe a feeling of tightness and heaviness in the chest. These sensations are normal and result from the muscle and skin being stretched by the implant. You will be provided with a clear postoperative pain management regime that will keep you very comfortable during your recovery.


Dr Watts and his team will regularly check in on your progress after surgery. You will see Dr Watts at 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 12 months after your surgery. At each appointment Dr Watts will assess your progress and make sure that the desired outcome has been achieved.


If you’re considering breast implants, contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Watts. You can also contact us by phone, email or the contact form on this website if you have any questions.

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